The music and audio post industries are currently in a state of transition or evolution. TRANSONIX offers you a mobile studio with the ability to adapt to all audio recording situations. We can cater to the industry’s new requirements, satisfying even our most exacting clients.
The TRANSONIX control room is acoustically set up for 5.1 audio, has extremely high quality equipment and is run by a team of knowledgeable professionals.
Our mobile unit offers all the power and characteristics of a large-scale professional studio in a compact vehicle
Transonix is perfectly suited to:

  • Multi-track recording of live events (concerts, theatre and such) with the possibility of 5.1 mixing
  • Recording your music project at home. Now the studio comes to the musician, no longer the other way around. This is a very efficient and economical production workflow.
  • On location audio recording for television and radio.
    Adaptability, efficiency and functionality make TRANSONIX one of the most attractive mobile recording units in Europe.


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